Hi there! Welcome to the Smart Language Learning Academy; an online learning space for only the most dedicated life-long learners.

Smart Language Learning Academy is where you’ll discover how to learn languages "outside of the box" and become part of a thriving community of like-minded language learners.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This Chinese proverb encapsulates everything I want this academy to be about.

At the Smart Language Learning Academy, you’ll learn the most valuable craft of all: learning how to learn. The courses within will be not only about specific languages, but also shaping your mindset and providing the mental, emotional and intellectual tools to learn any language.

Language learning is not simply about acquiring knowledge, but about mastering a set of skills. Knowledge and information can be forgotten, but well-acquired skills can last forever. 

With the skills you will master within the Smart Language Learning Academy, you'll become capable of learning any language you put your mind to. 

Cooper Salmon

Luca's systematic and methodical approach worked wonders for me. I've created a solid learning routine for multiple languages. I also added lots of tools and resources to learn new languages from scratch in better and more effective ways.

Lindie Botes

Luca was one of my first polyglot inspirations when I started exploring the language community. I’m constantly taken aback by his fluency, motivation and passion for languages. 

He’s a ray of sunshine in the community, always ready with help and guidance.

Walter Freiberg, Argentina

Luca's systematic and methodical approach worked wonders for me. As a result of taking this course, I've created a solid learning routine for multiple languages. I also added lots of tools and resources to learn new languages from scratch in better and more effective ways.

The 12 Skills You Need to Become a Language Learning Master

Time Management & Productive Learning

The best way to manage your time is to learn how to plan ahead. Our academy members use our smart calendar to plan their week ahead and remove any obstacles standing between them and their target language.

Energy Levels - Choosing the Best Time to Learn

Language learning is not just about willpower, enthusiasm and grind. It is first and foremost about discovering how and when you function best. Within the Smart Language Learning Academy, you’ll discover how to maximize your potential by learning your target language when your energy levels are at the highest peak.

How to Maximize Concentration while Learning

Let’s face it. We all have problems concentrating, especially when social media, YouTube, and Netflix are one click away. Mental resistance is a tough wall to climb. The good news is that the principles and techniques integrated into our courses are based on over 20 years of research within the field of performance psychology.

Deliberate Practice

This type of practice is all about maximizing learning within a set time frame. Deliberate practice is what makes the difference between the shallow, unsuccessful learners and the bright minds who master their target languages. Thanks to our courses, you’ll learn how and why even 30 minutes of active language learning every day can create miracles for you.

Passive Learning & Immersion Strategies

Smart learners know how to surround themselves with their target language, no matter where they are in the world. On top of that, they know how to use their time as efficiently as possible, so that they can learn while cooking, cleaning, standing in line, or even commuting to work.

Time is not something you have or don’t have. Time is something you create. Thanks to our courses, you’ll learn how to make time, and how to maximize its value by using the best immersion strategies.

Enjoy the Journey & Let Your Interests Guide You

There’s one obvious aspect to learning anything that people often ignore: if you don’t enjoy the way you’re learning, you’ll never acquire the skills you seek. It’s as simple as that. 

So before setting on your quest to master your target language, make sure that whatever resource or method you choose, it’s going to be one that excites you, and inspires you to sit down and learn at the earliest opportunity each day.

Embrace Mistakes & Conquer Your Fears

In school, we are taught that making mistakes is bad, and that frequent mistakes lead to negative consequences, like poor grades. At the Smart Language Learning Academy, we know better. We know that making—and fixing—mistakes is the key to success, and we’ll provide you with all of the tools and strategies to do that in a positive, low-stress way.

The 5 Golden Principles of Language Learning

Every successful language learning method is based upon the same key principles. These five principles—our “5 Golden Principles”—are based on more than 20 years of expertise in learning and teaching languages, and can help you build an unshakeable foundation in any language you wish to learn.

Smart Vocabulary & Grammar Acquisition

“Man lernt Grammatik aus der Sprache, nicht Sprache aus der Grammatik.” 

This was a favorite phrase of famed Hungarian polyglot Kato Lomb. In English, it means “one learns grammar from language, not language from grammar”. 

What Lomb meant by this was simple: grammar is not something that helps you learn a language. Rather, it is through learning a language that you learn more about grammar.

At the Smart Language Learning Academy, we hold these beliefs not only about grammar, but about vocabulary, too. We won’t waste your time with word lists, or conjugation tables. Instead, we’ll teach you how to learn both grammar and vocabulary through exposing yourself to interesting and comprehensible content in your target language.

Smart Review

Traditional classroom learning has taught us that repetition is the key to learning and memorizing new information. This belief, however, does not hold up to the modern understanding of neuroscience, and how the brain works. Our academy will introduce you to a better way, which interleaves repetition and novelty to help you process and reprocess what you’ve learned, without boredom or burnout.

How to Build Your Language Learning Toolbox

It’s fun to do a quick search online and see exactly how many varied and interesting resources are out there to help you learn your target language. However, you may be surprised to find that having so many choices actually leaves you less likely to make a decision between them, and less likely to learn as a result. 

This is called the “paradox of choice”, and it’s something that can kill your motivation dead in its tracks, if you’re not careful. At the Smart Language Learning Academy, we build everything with this in mind, so you can find and learn with the right resources and tools, while avoiding stress and overwhelm.

Designing the Right Routine

Language learning is a journey. It’s not something that can be done well in a few days, or even a few months of hard work. Instead, it’s something that requires daily effort over a long-term period. 

To make this happen and avoid giving up along the way, you must develop a flexible but durable learning routine that adapts to your goals, energy levels, and available time. Within this community, you’ll master the art of continually improving upon your own unique routine, and therefore discover your true learning potential.

Hi, I'm Luca and I am a language coach.

I've been learning languages for 30 years and I’ve been coaching students for 10 years. My tried-and-tested techniques, principles, and resources have proven to be a great asset to hundreds of clients along the years. 

They went from insecure and inefficient, to confident and well-organized learners of more than one language at a time, going well on their way to become polyglots.

Today I just want to tell you that Smart Language Learning Academy is a dream come true in terms of language education and you’ll do me a great honor by becoming part of this incredible community.

I truly desire to help you overcome all your language learning obstacles and get the amazing results that you’ve been waiting for so many years.

Luca Lampariello